Floodlight 20 midi LED

Floodlight 20 midi LED

The Floodlight 20 LED range (micro, mini, midi and maxi) enables wide-area lighting around buildings to be implemented with high efficiency, and with maximum demands in terms of quality of light, functionality, design and individual needs.
The secret with such flexibility is the platform concept and modular design of the complete system. The result is a solution that in terms of appearance and functionality comes from a single cast, for a wide diversity of applications including the illumination of plazas, traffic routes, loading systems and container terminals as well as further versions for airport apron lighting and facade illumination in building-vicinity areas, and the TV broadcast-compliant illumination of sports locations with HDTV and super slow motion quality.
The family design has been consistently implemented across all construction sizes: all sizes have identical proportions, the same high quality of materials and appearance. Photometrically, they all feature the same lens-based LED platform with precise light control and glare-minimised optics, for maximum quality of light and best visual comfort. The principle of construction is also identical – each construction size consists of three functional units: the LED module, the housing with ECG, and the mounting components. This provides maximum convenience during installation, and also a future-fit investment thanks to the modular design and high quality.
  • long service life and high system efficiency
  • ambient temperature: indoors -40…+40°C, outdoors -40…+50°C
  • luminous flux adaptation according to needs via intelligent ECG
  • precise planning thanks to pre-defined light distribution patterns for halls, plazas and roads, further versions also for planar illumination and sports
  • flexibility with design using diverse light colours
  • future safety thanks to upgradable modular design
  • easy mounting and simple handling due to practical connections (wall, cross-arm, also for masts in other versions)
  • pressure equalisation system with air-permeable membrane for condensation avoidance
  • corrosion protection class C4
  • surge resistance 30kV
According to version, the luminaires are equipped with differing functionality ranges for light management and monitoring:
All versions with temperature monitoring for protection of LEDs from thermal overload
Light control 'Basic':
switchable (0/1); luminous flux reduction via 230V control voltage | no luminous flux constancy
Light control 'Plus' with functions AstroDIM, DALI and StepDIM:
AstroDIM: dimming without external control signal; Luminaire with integrated, programmable timer for luminous flux reduction in two steps (factory-set, time value and dimming value are programmable for max. operation and for all reduction levels) | DALI: light control via DALI and as a digital interface for integration into telemanagement systems for control from central control station | StepDIM: luminous flux reduction via 230V control voltage
configuration on the PC with Windows-based software; wired data transmission to the luminaire
constant luminous flux programmable via PC (constant luminous flux disabled in the standard version of the luminaire)
the luminaire consists of the following components: LED unit, housing with control unit and connection variant | housing of LED unit, housing of control unit with light head frame made of diecast aluminium, mounting bracket and bracket for wall fixing made of galvanised steel; all parts with high quality, extremely weather-resistant coating in Siteco metallic grey (DB 702S) | flat cover of LED unit of toughened safety glass; housing of LED module and cover sealed for life | pressure equalisation system with air-permeable membrane for condensation avoidance in the housing
luminaire has modular construction; luminaire components packed separately: LED unit / housing with control unit and light unit frame / connection variant | also available as single components due to modular principle for individual configuration
luminaire inclination on mounting bracket: 0…±180° (outdoor installations: …±170°), settable in 5° steps
luminaire inclination on wall mounting: 0…±20°, settable in 5° steps
protection rating: IP66
insulation class: I ('Basic' version); insulation class II ('Plus' version)
luminaire with connection terminal, max. 2.5mm² | cable entry for cables D= 6…12mm | LED unit with pre-assembled cable and plug connection for connection to control unit (ESD-protected plug & play module: mounting without ESD-protective environment is possible)
Light control 'Basic': 4-pole luminaire connection (3-pole for mains supply + 1-pole for 230V control voltage for power reduction) | control signal: U_St= 230V --> 100% luminous flux, U_St= 0V --> approx. 50% luminous flux
Light control 'Plus': 5-pole luminaire connection (2-pole for mains supply + 2-pole for DALI + 1-pole for 230V control voltage for power reduction) | DALI for integrating the luminaire into DALI systems or for programming the luminaire; on request: integration into other digital control systems | alternative luminous flux reduction via 230V control voltage
versatile lighting technology due to precisely matched LED system/lens system with five different light distributions for the planar lighting of plazas, streets and paths, the illumination and display of objects and for areas with transmission and recording in HDTV and super slow motion quality
the combination of optic system and colour temperature (3000K, 4000K, 5000K) enables precisely matched light distributions with maximum efficiency, good quality of light and high visual comfort in all applications
industrial halls and spaces/areas in industrial facilities:
  • light distribution characteristic 'square', asymmetric narrow light distribution (PL43)
  • roads and traffic areas:

  • light distribution characteristic 'square', asymmetric wide light distribution (PL52)
  • narrow paths:

  • light distribution characteristic 'square', asymmetric extremely wide light distribution (PL61)
  • sports halls:

  • light distribution characteristic 'square', asymmetric narrow light distribution (PL43)
  • planar building illumination:

  • light distribution characteristic 'square', asymmetric narrow light distribution (PL43)
  • point-based illumination:

  • "Illumination" light characteristic, rotationally symmetric light distribution (RS05, RS17)
  • areas with video monitoring; installations with security protection

areas requiring high vertical illuminance
applications with broadcasting and recording in HDTV and super slow motion quality
further diverse applications for indoors and outdoors
  • can also be used as uplight for indoor applications