Discover the possibilities of the OSRAM LEDriving family

Discover the possibilities of the OSRAM LEDriving family

LEDriving will change your point of view clearly. With LEDriving, we present you a broad and innovative LED portfolio which will enable you to free up your creativity in the future. With particularly stylish alternatives for already existing Golf VI headlights, for example, high-quality LED technology for daytime running lights,

App-controlled lighting systems for ambient lighting and much more! Light has never been so individual.

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Discover LED light that rocks

OSRAM creates atmosphere, bringing colour and mood to any car interior. Use your own ideas to design your car and create a unique ambience.

APP-controlled LEDambient CONNECT products not only allow you to customise the appearance of your car and create your own personal mood lighting, they let your spontaneity run wild. Play your favourite music and let light pulse to its rhythm. Create a whole new way of expressing your personal style. Combine several LEDambient CONNECT products, such as LEDambient TUNING LIGHTS and LEDambient PULSE CONNECT, and you can create customised light installations the likes of which you have never seen, experienced, or felt before.

Thanks to self-adhesive mounting, it’s easy to install the LED strips in most vehicle types. Effects can be further enhanced using the expansion kit.

Stylish light accents can also be created using our LEDriving retrofits. These LED retrofit lamps are available in colour temperatures from 4000 to 6800 kelvins, from intense, warm white to blue xenon white for contemporary light designs. Use them to illuminate the footwell, create shadows on your seats, and put your own personal stamp on your car’s interior. An unforgettable experience for anyone who rides in your car.

You want the perfect lighting ambience for your car?

Find everything you need - from colored LED strips to practical inspection lights


Simple to install and run, these innovative LED products use Bluetooth technology. Once paired to the free app you can synchronize your music to pulse to the same beat, custom your color and control them all with one device.

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The flexible LED strips come in over 16 different light colors and brightness levels and 5 operating modes. The desired mood can be selected easily by remote control.

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LEDriving retrofits

With LED retrofits you achieve a completely new light effect for your car's interior. The LED retrofit lamps can be replaced as a reading light or as lighting of the glove compartment, the trunk or the cockpit instruments.

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LEDinspect lights

These highly practical, mobile, and energy-efficient light sources are based on robust LED technology, enhanced by handy, ergonomic - and even elegant - designs for professional and private use.

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LEDriving is more than just interior lighting

Discover the endless possibilities of LEDriving with high-quality LED technology

Golf VI: LEDriving XENARC headlights

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LEDriving retrofits

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